Rough night in Occulum

From thread at the BW forum:

They made up a group of bad-asses. The game material is in the car, so I will list lifepaths and Beliefs later. It was the first campaign I can remember where the first draft of everyone’s beliefs were solid right off the bat.

It was an odd thing, because I thought we would be tightening everything up and instead, folks were ready to roll. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have taken the Beliefs and we should have added some details to the beautiful map of Occulum that Storn drew and called it a night.

Particularly with 3 sets of Beliefs, that time one takes to just kind of roll the characters around in your head, look at the Beliefs for a few days and figure out the campaign’s shape is really important; instead I jumped on in.

I always thought it was really important to write down what happened at the table during games that are either disasters or, as in this case, are just kind of tepid evenings.  I wanted to make sure that I sat down and wrote a bit about this one (if for no other reason, so you can cue up the come-back Rocky music when the next session rocks).

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