Shiny Friday

Reading: I have picked up the Chronicles of the Black Company again, making my way into the second book.  I reckon I will finish it through this time.

I like how the Taken’s flying carpets are clearly Vietnam era Heuy helicopters.

My comics should be arriving this weekend too, haven’t gotten a new shipment in ages.

Planning: A weekend with the lady-friend, getting outside in the sun a bit.

Wearing: Button down flannel with jeans and new socks!  I love new socks.

Writing: Doing editing work for a seekrit.

And you?

6 thoughts on “Shiny Friday

  1. Reading: The Angel and the Frog – a spiritual fable.

    Planning: How to survive Troop 110’s annual pancake breakfast tomorrow (I’m the chair of the event=long day)

    Wearing: Oatmeal long sleeve crew and blue jeans with my new brown shoes.

    Writing: The adventures of The Raven on Obsidian Portal in a Freedom City play-by-wiki game of Mutants & Masterminds.

  2. Reading: Rewired: A Post-Cyberpunk Anthology and Necronomicon: The Weird Tales of H.P. Lovecraft.

    Planning: Repo Men tonight, Burning Wheel tomorrow, PAX East next week.

    Wearing: Green Dickies cargo pants, old Groovie Ghoulies t-shirt, Burning Wheel hoodie

    Creating: Editing my Danger Death Ray interview for the next Seattle Punk Audio Zine.

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  4. The Black Company is great. My only problem with Glen Cook is his nasty habit of starting out series with spectacular books, then having each subsequent book be just a little less good, until finally they peter out and I find myself wondering why I started…

    Reading: Still plugging through Steampunk. Some good stories, but I think it’s too narrow a genre for bulk doses.

    Planning: Sleeping enough that I’m safe with radioactivity on Monday.

    Wearing: My very most professorial green sweater with leather elbow patches.

    Writing: There’s no reason I shouldn’t have the fellowship application and the intro to my thesis done this weekend. Dammit.

  5. Reading: I finished Mieville’s The City and the City, which is a thing of great beauty, the tenth volume of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Sevice, which hit the right balance of macabre and touching, and Seanan McGuire’s Local Habitation, which had a good balance of stuff I could figure out and twists I didn’t, but which made sense. Currently reading The Armitage Files for Trail of Cthulhu, which is made of awesome.

    Planning: Finished four panels at Lunacon, so need to catch up on blogging at some point. Also, need to find out next steps with the guardianship my brother and I now have, and to continue trying to find times where my wonderful friends are available to help finish packing parents’ house so stuff can go into storage. And job hunting and cleaning our apartment are on the task list, as usual.

    Wearing: Yellow sign t-shirt from Pagan Publishing, as the final panel I was on was called “Playing God” and was about inventing religions in RPGs and LARPs, sneakers, blue jeans.

    Creating: I sent in my zine for Alarums & Excursions #415. I’m trying to nudge along the revision of Straightjackets Optional’s larp Ghost Fu so that it’s fit to be rerun at Intercon K, and to continue working on the larp Dark of the Moon. I’m also doing moves in the pbem game I run.

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