Dead, frozen, confused worms on the sidewalk Friday

Reading: I am catching up on a few months worth of comic book reading and doing some gaming reading.

Planning: Tonight is delightfully plan-free but Saturday is UFC 111 (hm, I’m always tempted to start an MMA blog) and Sunday I am thinking about going to see Henry Rollins.

Wearing: A button down green shirt and black slacks.

Writing:  Seekrit.

And you?

6 thoughts on “Dead, frozen, confused worms on the sidewalk Friday

  1. Reading: I have a bunch of art books I’m jumping back and forth between. Studying the Pimsleur Beginning French CDs, if that counts.
    Planning: Snow tires off and a family day Saturday. Having an actual birthday party for myself on Sunday, and a themed one no less. We’re going to get together and draw each others portraits, photocopy them, and bind them into little books. Crazy, I know.
    Wearing: Outdoor/office casual
    Drawing: A drawing a day. They’re not all good, but you have to make mistakes in order to learn. It’s all good.

  2. Reading: A bunch of stuff about electronic publishing formats for work.

    Planning: A D&D game on Sunday. Kat’s back in the DM chair, so I get to be a player, which is a nice change. Also had a great conversation about revising a game thought long-gone.

    Wearing: Layers! The weather seems to have remembered that it’s March.

    Writing: Still working on my “10 Favorite Game Mechanics” series on my blog. Maybe some WGP… revisions.

  3. Reading: Craig Thompson’s “Carnet De Voyage”, a travel journal of parts of Europe done up as a graphic novel.

    Planning: To run Serial Homicide Unit to get ready for the game I’ll be facilitating at the next EndGame minicon.

    Wearing: My Xiu Xiu t-shirt and grey, paint-spattered grey jeans.

    Writing: Finishing up a plan/to do list that will be fun to do.

    • Planning: To run Serial Homicide Unit to get ready for the game I’ll be facilitating at the next EndGame minicon.

      Which is one of the reasons I smile any time I see “jessecoombs” anywhere on the interweb. Have a great game!

  4. This secret writing of yours is more and more intriguing…

    Reading: A textbook on experimental design theory.

    Planning: Feeding radioactive nucleotides to bacteria, then sushi!

    Wearing: Jeans and my Dresden Codak t-shirt.

    Writing: Trying to write up these experiments in a way which doesn’t use the phrase “disproving the idiotic guesswork of Rodionov et al.”

  5. Reading: Our Sentence Is Up, by Patrick Meaney, about Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles (which I just finished rereading). Also, Slash, a larp which Mike Young released on his web site. It is set in the world of Bad Slash FanFic. I played in it, and I am currently reliving the pain. It is more SAN gouging than Lovecraft or trying to figure out what to do about my deceased father’s taxes.

    Planning: More packing parents’ stuff. Trying to figure out the tax steps I need to do. Selling off the individual issues of the comics Josh and I agree we will either never reread or will reread in graphic novel form. Job hunting. Dealing with extra expenses, as I managed to lose my camera today. (Well, it might be at my parents’ place, but that’s not the way to bet.)

    Wearing: Origami USA T-shirt, blue jeans, socks.

    Writing: Pbem moves, to do lists, write up of The Sound of Drums, the larp that was the high point of Intercon J.

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