Links on my mind: Names, Titans, Aliens & Beliefs.

The pdf’s from the Story Games Names Project.

I can’t find my copy of the book and need some names for tonight’s Sorcerer game.

Nick Mamatas reviews the Clash of the Titans re-make:

Let us not be fooled by either nostalgia or the utter charm of Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion animation—the original Clash of the Titans was not a very good movie. After seeing the remake, though, the 1981 film is like the Wild Strawberries of sword and sandal epics.

We Come in Pieces: The Alien as Metaphor by Daniel M. Kimmel, also relevant to tonight’s Sorcerer game:

When, in a movie or TV show, the aliens arrive on Earth, or we meet them somewhere out in space, one thing is certain: whatever they’re supposed to represent, it’s not life on other worlds. Each genre has certain stock characters and situations which, in the hands of a master storyteller, can be used to turn a story into a work of art, or at least great entertainment. They can also be used to discuss things in a kind of code where facing it head on might be too heavy or controversial.

Luke compares Black Company to BW play:

I just finished The Black Company by Glen Cook.

Let’s examine the text as if it were a Burning Wheel game.

Why does The Lady turn her eye to Croaker? She’s described as a demigod while he’s a physician and an amateur writer. She’s playing a deadly game against two cabals of deadly sorcerers while Croaker grumbles a lot as he has to perform his duty.

Any links catching your fancy?

4 thoughts on “Links on my mind: Names, Titans, Aliens & Beliefs.

    • I have been watching that blog since hearing about it on NPR. Agreed, that vintage photo series has been fantastic.

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