Saw a pair of denim shorts, so it must be spring Friday

A lovely day here in Ithaca.  I parked down the hill and will just walk to the car when the day is done.

Reading: I am tearing through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and enjoying it.

Planning: Hitting the heavy bag tonight and some writing.  Then I head off to see the lady-friend for the weekend.

Wearing: Black pants and a gray v-neck t-shirt.

Writing:  This and that.

And you?

5 thoughts on “Saw a pair of denim shorts, so it must be spring Friday

  1. Reading: Ackroyd’s London: The Biography. Going there this summer and I really want to get a feel for the city. Very engaging so far. It’s at least as thick as an epic fantasy doorstopper, but feels like a lot less of a trial to read.

    Planning: No gaming for the next couple weeks, so I’ll be doing stuff around the house and having family time. Starting a garden, weather permitting. Decorating easter eggs.

    Wearing: Outdoor/office casual

    Making: Finished filling a pocket-sized Moleskine-clone with pen drawings yesterday. Switching to a larger 5.5×7.5 bound book as practice for Europe. Getting into some extremely basic watercolor work – I want more color in my journals.

  2. The original Swedish title for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is way better: Men Who Hate Women.

    Why do American publishers fuck it up so bad? I mean “Black Man” is a way better title for that book than Thirteen.

  3. Reading: Having finished Our Sentence Is Up, about The Invisibles, which explained to me the whys of the ending of the stage musical version of Hairspray, and Snows of an Early Winter for Call of Cthulhu (good concept, mixed execution, I can probably excavate enough to run), I am now reading the second edition of Wild Talents.

    Planning: Yet more packing at my parents’. Getting my taxes paid. Job hunting. Seeing about new venetian blinds, maybe.

    Wearing: Jersey Devilcon 3 t-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers.

    Writing: 2nd draft of the write up of the larp “The Sounds of Drums” for my Alarums & Excursions zine, incorporating whatever comments I’m getting from other players. Probably something on what Fate and Wild Talents try to do to promote good roleplayiing via incompatibile values / aspects / whathaveyou, as I am not sure whether, or to what degree, this laudible goal is undercut by pinging the inner gamistt in us all.

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