Friday: a quiet midnight at the library

Working the late shift this week and its a quiet evening.

Reading:  I can’t decide what to read.  Next to my bed is the Black Company Omnibus and I’m picking at the series’  second book.  In my bag are The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry and Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson.

The Manual of Detection is charming but I think coming off of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is making it just seem plain odd.

Warbreaker is nifty.  I think Storn would love it, as its magic is based on colors and breath.  Also, to Storn’s wheelhouse are the protagonists, a plucky princess in a decadent city ruled by a god-king and also in the city is a sorcerer/swordsman right out of S&S with a sardonic and malevolent sentient sword.

We’ll see which book wins my heart and mind over the weekend.

Planning: UFC 112 on Saturday night and some Sorcerer 2289 on Sunday evening.

Wearing: New green Dickie’s jeans and a blue t-shirt.

Writing: Nothing I can talk about.

5 thoughts on “Friday: a quiet midnight at the library

  1. Reading: Working my way through a collection of stories from the old “Weird Tales” magazine, which is an interesting contrast to the “New Weird” anthology I just finished. Not really the same kind of thing at all…

    Planning: Making a cake, going to a “crazy dance party” at which I intend to drink, eat cake, and dance as little as possible.

    Wearing: A green sweater with a mysterious pocket on the left sleeve. It’s the perfect size to set a bottle of beer in, as long as you don’t swing your arms around too much.

    Writing: Just got a draft of the manuscript back, so we’ll see what sort of ridiculous changes the boss wants.

  2. I’d never watched UFC before this Christmas, when my brother (a martial artist for years and now an amateur fighter) ran commentary through a couple hours of it. It’s amazing stuff if you know what’s going on.

    R: The Black Company Tales of the South (or whatever) book. A few chapters in. Tales from Jabba’s Palace (a few pages in). I think after this I may have to clean my palate with a history book.

    P: I may be grabbing a flatbed scanner so I can finally start uploading all my doodles. I just finished a D&D sketchbook, so hopefully I can share the better drawings soon.

    W: Honolulu Marathon shirt (I didn’t run it), jeans, plaid overshirt (with pearl buttons!).

    W: Blegh. I’ve been thinking about writing. I want to revisit my first-person fantasy Greco-Persian war story. I almost have the plot decided.

  3. Judd: Midnight at the library sounds…fun isn’t the right word…tranquil? I could enjoy a job like that.

    Zak: I really like your illustration style!

    Reading: Just finished “Escape from Hell” by Niven and Pournelle. Sequel to “Inferno”, by the same team, which is a sci-fi writer who dies and finds out that hell is pretty much the way Dante described it. The first book was great. This one…not so much. A bit flat and repetitive, with an unsatisfying ending.

    So, back to reading “London, the Biography”. I really want to read “The City and The City” right now too, but I’m still on the waitlist for it at the library.

    Planning: “How to Train Your Dragon” with my daughter tonight. Buying plane tickets this weekend. French, drawing, and self-defense practice at home every night. Busy!

    Wearing: Office/outdoor casual

    Drawing: Doodling a lot. Doing remedial watercolors – slowly working my way through “Watercolor for Dummies”. Getting into color theory.

  4. Reading: The Kerberos Club for Wild Talents.

    Planning: More packing at my parents’ place. More job hunting. Maybe some hanging out on Sunday, depending on how much gets done on Saturday.

    Wearing: Final Mints t-shirt (breath freshener for the dead), black pants.

    Writing: My zine for Alarums & Excursions $416

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