In which the god-killers are given their bullets…

AP thread on Burning Wheel

Art by Storn A. Cook

Sir Marcus

Sir Marcus

I like these moments of world-building, when I get to just make up cool shit.

The willing ghosts of the god-killers who have died using these weapons are bound into the metal itself, a ghastly act of patriotic necromantic sorcery.

The ghosts all said similar things to the players, but with different accents based on the NPC and the players’ reactions.

They asked if there was anything a god could offer them to make them show mercy.

They asked why they wanted to kill a god.

They assured the person that there was no shame in backing out, up until the ambush itself. They would need to only drop the weapon discreetly and the ghost would see that it was returned to the Lyceum’s hands.

The ghosts are available for counsel, should the players need it.


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