Pollen Returns on Friday

I can feel it in the air.  Spring is here.

Reading: Digging a bit into Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson and it remains good fun.

Planning: I have some school-related paperwork to catch up on in order to graduate in a timely manner.  Should have that sent out so I can get it finished up early next week.

Tonight, some Danger Patrol…

Wearing: Dickie’s jeans and a comfy shirt.

Writing: Some threads on the God-burning: Dragon of Gaham and Sorcerer 2289 AP.

And you?

9 thoughts on “Pollen Returns on Friday

  1. It has finally started to warm up here, which is a nice change from hail and chilly rain showers last week.

    Reading: Taking a break from non-fiction to read “The Drowned World” by J.G. Ballard. Surreal post-apocalyptic sci-fi. Good stuff.

    Planning: Getting the garden going, weather permitting. Shopping for some dressy walking shoes. Playing Diaspora this Sunday after a long hiatus.

    Wearing: Tattersall patterned outdoor shirt. Navy blue cotton slacks.

    Drawing: Nothing big to speak of, but looking back I’ve done at least a short drawing every day this week, which is nice.

  2. Reading: Island of the Day Before, so far it’s just a guy shipwrecked… on a ship, worried it’s too good to be true.

    Planning: Seeing grandparents on the weekend

    Wearing: BizCasFri (you know, because we abbrieve everything)

    Writing: An In A Wicked Age variant.

  3. Reading: Finally started in on the Hugh Cook novel the UW library had: “The Women and the Warlords”. Well-written, but not a ton of fun to read so far. The protagonist is a slave woman in a violent misogynistic feudal society, and she’s having kind of a rough time. Presumably she triumphs in the end…

    Planning: First farmer’s market of the season, and getting this damn paper out the door.

    Wearing: T-shirt with a typing monkey.

    Writing: Thesis defense presentation. 50 minute talk on 6 years of work… I don’t know whether to be excited or depressed that such a thing is possible.

    • Looked up the book on amazon and it looks nifty. Sounds a bit heavy for someone prepping their thesis defense, though.

      Good luck with that. I am sure you will rock it.

      • Finished “The Women and the Warlords”, and it is kind of a heavy read. Something like the Game of Thrones from the point of view of the third spear-carrier from the left. Brutal stuff.

        It also, I think, suffers from my not having been able to find the first two books, since a big chunk of the second half has a lot of off-stage action and characters wandering in which I’m clearly supposed to have known about before. The off-stage action sounds pretty awesome, though.

        All in all, not the best thing I’ve read this month, but it’s certainly made me want to go find a copy of “The Wizards and the Warriors” and start the series off right.

  4. Reading: Just finished The Kerberos Club, so pondering next book, or will be after getting some sleep.

    Planning: Busting my ass to finish getting stuff out of parents’ house and give it back to management by the end of the month. Meeting with nursing home staff to discuss my mother’s situation — as I was thinking “Time to try to find someone who will answer questions”, the place sent a “Want to come in and ask us questions next week?” letter. Getting books off mys shelf so the recent purchases can fit on them.

    Wearing: GenCon T-shirt, blue jeans.

    Writing: Just finished spell checking my zine for Alarums and Excursions #416.

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