God-burning: The Dragon of Gaham

BW god-burning thread:

The Dragon of Gaham is not literally a dragon, that is only a term for a powerful sorcerer in the 13 Cities – a sorcerer who is known for dealing out magical fire.

The Dragon of Gaham established himself as a force to be reckoned with when he threw in with the sorcerer-king’s revolution against the Druid Lords. The Dragon himself was responsible for the death of two gods, one while still a mortal and another after sacrificing his city, his people and everything he loved in order to become a minor deity in the Sorcerer-King’s newfound pantheon of the 13 Cities.

The destruction of the city is a cautionary tale, told to this who wish to rise too high too fast (or to those with the audacity and hubris to actually seek godhood).

When the war was in its last days, only two gods in the druidic pantheon remained, the Elder Ring and the Lord Under the Hills, said to be the Elder Ring’s own son. The Dragon of Gaham was in charge of the armies laying siege to the last druid-held city, their capital city of Baal. The Sorcerer-King accepted the druids’ surrender and spared their two remaining gods. The Dragon made it clear that he wanted to finish the job and destroy what remained of the druids, burning down their tree-god.

Will this be the instrument of a memorable battle in which the players’ Beliefs are challenged, even as their strategies and skills are tested or a total party kill…or both?

We will find out.

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