Links from the internets. Which ones? All of them!

Athena Andreadis turns a solid, critical eye on the Star Wars movies:

The Jedi mumble Taoist-derived platitudes to prove that they’re on the side of Light but they are really a fusion of a rapture cult and a multinational corporation. To become “worthy,” prospective Jedi must suspend their own judgment and unquestioningly obey an authority whose teachings consist of silly psychobabble, endless hazing rituals, and the sense of entitlement that comes from carrying arms. In the Jedi order, all normal mental or emotional responses are met either with the galactic version of the Amish Shunning (“You’ll be expelled!” screams Obi-Wan when Anakin tries to rescue Padmé during a battle) or with instructions to take cold baths (“Mourn do not!” intones Yoda when Anakin comes to him twisted with anxiety from having nightmares about Padmé dying). Anakin is supposedly not just the most powerful wielder of the Force but also a pivot, yet the Jedi treat him like a passive asset or an unruly horse. At least the Sith are frank about what they want and how they go about getting it.

Got my first 750 words over at  Neat site.  I really like how they allow you to analyze your text too and the writing interface is nice and simple, giving me big text.  I dig.

Over at Chronocide, some nice Planescape thoughts:

But the real money shot of this entry is the fortresses Githzerai hold on the Prime Material Plane. Are you ready for this?

“The githzerai hold only a few fortresses on the Prime Material Plane, but these are particularly strong, with walls of adamantium rising as squat towers from dusty planes. […] Wherever these fortresses stand, they destroy the landscape for miles. No plants or animals live within many miles of the fortress. Is this the land’s reaction to the other-planar material of the castles, or do githzerai wizards produce the effect to keep intruders away?”


And Harper’s building something pretty again.  This time I think Apocalypse World is getting all mixed up with his frustration concerning WOTC’s shot at kids’ RPG’s and through those conflicting emotions, Wildlings is born:

you have been chosen
The men and women warriors of your clan are far away
across the dark sea, raiding. You are a young warrior—a
wildling—not yet tested in the Trials.
Two nights ago, a foul thing crept from the ruins beyond
the old forest into the village and carried away two sheep,
a barrel of lard, and a small child: Rylka, daughter of Yuri
Red Hand.
The wise women have met in council and decreed that
something must be done. The People of the Stone Spire are
not to be preyed upon. Though the child might be eaten
by now, a rescue must nevertheless be undertaken.
You have been chosen for this task. Take up your arms and
steel your courage. The time has come to do your duty.

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