Remember Fridays?

It is a beautiful day out there.

Reading: I am currently reading Hugh Cook’s The Walrus & the Warwolf with an introduction by China Mieville.  It is incredibly fun.  After watching the 3 Musketeers with Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain and Michael York last night, I am definitely going to go back and finish that up after this.

Planning: A nice weekend with my ladyfriend, possibly with my first boxes being moved to my new joint.

Wearing: Green Dickies and a button-down.  Under the button-down, a faded batman t-shirt.  Shhhhh.

Writing/Making: I need to get back on the 750 words a day.  I was on the development team for the Adventure Burner and that was eating some time, but still, I should be writing every day, dammit.

And you?

3 thoughts on “Remember Fridays?

  1. Reading: “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonnegut.

    Planning: Sharing this awesome scotch with someone.

    Wearing: Gray work pants and a black T-shirt. Daytons, new leather jacket, and a tweedy little hat.

    Writing/Making: Blog done for the day, design doc almost done for work, Hollowpoint and Soft Horizon have a few thousand words each coming. Building a Diaspora package for RPG Now’s new POD service.

  2. Where did you find the Walrus and the Warwolf? I had to order an old copy of the Wizards and the Warriors from the UK. It’s pretty good stuff.

    Reading: “Sweetness and Power” by Sidney Mintz. It’s about sugar and the Caribbean slave trade. Really enjoying it so far.

    Planning: Moving to Michigan in 11 days…

    Wearing: Jeans and a green striped shirt with buttons.

    Writing: Fellowship applications. I’m having a tough time writing an autobiographical sketch that doesn’t make me sound like a complete tool.

  3. Reading: I’m going to start Robert Holdstock’s Avilion, as we need to read it for the Mythopoeic Committee and then pass it on to the next person on the list. I’m currently reading Chaosium’s 3rd Halloween Horror monograph on a Sony Pocket e-book reader, the small one. It can’t handle Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity without bitching the columns, and can’t really do the Dresden Files rpg books, which are very large — hazards of pdfs. But, it’s been working okay with monographs. I’m also reading the the third The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year. I recently finished Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, YA, and totally lovely.

    Planning: Surviving the heat. Trying to keep guardianship of my mother and administration of my father’s estate on track, despite latest annoying curve balls. Job hunting. Apartment cleaning.

    Wearing: Black pants, t-shirt from the Masks larp I helped GM.

    Writing: Email.

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