Summer Gaming: And then there was 1

My summer work schedule has taken its toll on my gaming.  This isn’t a bad thing, truth is, the schedule is fantastic and it is the first time I get to work normal 9-5ish hours (most days) and work Monday through Friday.  I am fairly thrilled.

The only game that is left is The Grey Legion, our swords and sorcery Black Company-inspired Jaws of the Six Serpents campaign, in which we are forward agents, hoping to pacify a largely lawless city that is a political powder keg. Noble houses, slavers, merchant-princes, demi-gods and street gangs are all over Storn’s wonderful city of Khend.

There is also a nice banter between me, Aaron and Pete.  Aaron and Pete are people I have gotten to game with as their GM but it is a real pleasure to be able to play.

Pete and I are now living together, so I reckon that we’ll get back to MoBu City at some point and I’m sure that we’ll get our Shock: on when Janaki visits but for now, its nice to have my summer evenings free.

Naturally, as soon as there is a free spot I start filling it in my head with crackpot BW ideas, Blood & Honor or Icons but I’m going to downshift this summer, enjoy the warm evening air a bit.

How is your summer game schedule looking?

7 thoughts on “Summer Gaming: And then there was 1

  1. I’ve got a 1/month PTA game going on, and just got some folks interested in a Blood & Honor game, and we’ve put together characters… I’m thinking it’s going to be bi-weekly or catch-as-can.

    Been playing a lot of Pandemic, and friends just introduced me to the very awesome Small World on the boardgaming front.

    Finally, popped in Disgaea on the PS2 after almost 2 years, and expect free time to disappear completely.

    • B&H is intriguing the hell out of me. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on it.

      PTA is the Star Wars-ish game?

      • PTA S/W. Next session the players are both at 1 Screen Presence, I have the feeling it will actually create a LOT of character development seeing how they’re going to have a harder time in conflicts.

        B&H. Clan Creation was easy and remarkably inspiring. They went with a Clever clan leader and since it mentioned being unorthodox and standing out, we decided the Daimyo is a woman. The players picked the Executioner and Spymaster as their duties, so it’ll be interesting to see how they form up into protagonists.

  2. Alternating weeks between a brand new Diaspora game and a conspiracy-heavy Corporation game that just took a turn for the bizarre.

    Also, returning to the Old School with an online D&D game (Skype & Maptools) using the Rules Cyclopedia and the Known World setting.

    • Diaspora, nice. What kind of systems did the table create?

      Corporation game? What is the system and more importantly, what is the bizarre turn?

      I just talked to a friend of mine about the Rules Cyclopedia. Somehow, I entirely missed this thing in my gaming life. It just never crossed my path. Odd. I hear its my loss.

  3. Not much of one at the moment I’m afraid. I’m running a solo D&D 4E game for my son and I’m working on a Burning Wheel Old World game that we called Burning Road Warden. I’ve taken a small section of Stirland on the border of Sylvania and given it to my player (its a solo) game as his patrol route.

    He’s playing a new Roadwarden, but the character is actually a bit of a war-hero and very experienced from past endeavors. This earns him a much higher place of respect among the lower rank men, and creates tension from the veterans who think he should have to work his way up.

    The plot hooks so far is the sighting of a falling star hitting in the eastern hills, the death of a minor noble which elevated a bloodthirsty young man (secret Khorne worshiper) to a position of power in the area.

    I’m running the Warhammer 3 Journey to Blackfire Pass at the end of July, I guess we’ll see how that turns out as I’m still on the fence about the game.

    Can’t believe you never had or played under the Rules Cyclopedia Judd. Its a fantastic set of rules with a nice blend of the basic and advanced feel.

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