Caught-up-on-sleep Friday

Reading: I picked up the Gotrek and Felix Omnibus and I’m finding it entirely charming.  I like the Warhammer wink-and-a-nod humor to counter the world’s initial bleakness.

Planning: Finishing the move out of the old place and cleaning it out.

Wearing: Green jeans and a button down.

Writing:  Lots of threads for the upcoming Forgotten Realms BW game.  Here are the BW forum’s threads and here’s a question I asked on Candlekeep that led me to re-discover/remember named levels.  Holy shit, named levels rock.

And you?

7 thoughts on “Caught-up-on-sleep Friday

  1. Reading: yet another Stephen Hunter novel. I am pretending it’s research for Hollowpoint.

    Planning: I am not planning. My iPad comes today.

    Wearing: Grey work trousers and a blue Threadless shirt with elephants putting out a fire.

    Writing: Soft Horizon AP and an LDP for a configuration management tool that could be wired to a robot that shoots cowboy net techs that don’t test and document their changes.

  2. Reading: Richard K. Morgan’s Th1rte3n, or Thirteen, or The Black Man depending on your edition. I must admit I’m not big on his fantasy stuff — finished The Steel Remains a while ago, and on the whole found it offputting — but the man can write punchy transhumanish noir mystery like a champ. Altered Carbon’s next on the menu.

    Planning: A weekend with the boy whilst his mom networks at the ALA conference in DC. No schedule, no stress.

    Wearing: Fake fatigue shorts and a Conservation District T-shirt. Keens. A PASA hat that really needs to be retired.

    Writing: Deathmagus. I broke 90,000 words, and it’s only taken me what, four years? Go me.

      • Would you be surprised to hear it’s about a necromancer? I thought not. The short version is, hm. A third son of a minor noble with no prospects is shipped off to a collegium to learn the ways of wizardry. There he discovers he is the only deathmage in the world. Being a basically nice guy, Our Hero attempts to leverage this power for good, but in the end pretty much everything he attempts falls apart in fire and ruin.

        I envision another 40 or 50K before I get to the business of pliers-and-a-blowtorch editing, and I hope to come up with a more evocative (and unclaimed) title somewhere in there.

  3. Reading: “Best Served Cold” by Joe Abercrombie and a whole stack of papers about oxidative stress response in bacteria. The papers are less messy, but not as entertaining.

    Planning: Experiments! And a trip to the grocery store.

    Wearing: A shirt with a monkey on it and shorts.

    Writing: Cryptic scrawls on dozens of post-its.

  4. reading: “How the Mighty Fall” by Jim Collins. The third heavily-researched business book that he and his team have written. Not as intriguing as the first two, but some important insights have been learned.

    planning: a movie night/barbecue for my girlfriend and hopefully a nice gift for her too.

    wearing: my Captain America shirt which I don’t really wear in public as much because I don’t like the design as much as I used to.

    writing: jotting down the first draft of the infinity club.

  5. Reading: Nothing right now. Taking a break after pouring through 3 novels in the last few weeks. I might pick up another 4E book, in which case, I’ll be looking through that.

    Planning: PTA game tomorrow! The Star Wars that never was. The rest depends on the weather (it’s been cold out here in the Bay. WTF)

    Wearing: Button up, slacks, suspenders. Been rolling with the 40’s look lately.

    Writing: Nothing in particular at the moment. This week has been stress, and my brain is mostly shut down. Considered writing a bit about resource caps in games, and how stuff like Wand of 50 fireballs completely breaks normal economy.

    The 4E equivalent is alchemy – “Hey, I’m first level, and I’m tying 10 vials of explosive fire stuff together in a bundle and throwing it at someone – 10D10 damage! Whoo!”

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