One House Friday

Finally, I am moved out of my old joint and in the new place.  It is a huge relief, not having to get to the old place before work and after work to clean up and pack.

Reading: I am still picking at the first Felix and Gotrek Omnibus.  The format is really fun, with each chapter almost like a complete short story/adventure.  I am also getting through the latest Invincible hardcover.  My roommate has them all.  I am really digging that comic; it has legs for a long run.  That said, I’m not sure I will buy comics anymore.  I missed a few months and I don’t miss it all that much.

Planning: A weekend on the beach with Janaki this weekend.

Writing/Creating: With the move this week, I wrote nothing at all.

And you?

2 thoughts on “One House Friday

  1. Reading: The Forgotten Genius, the biography of Robert Hooke. I blame Neal Stephenson for getting me to read (ew) nonfiction.

    Planning: A trip to see the folks and let them have a couple days of indulgent grandparenthood. An Exalted game, with teenage Exalts in An-Teng. Elements of BW have been forcibly grafted to the game: we shall see if my horrible hybrid lives or deliquesces into stunt dice and slime.

    Writing/Creating: An expanded Side Effects table for Stolze’s NAIN mini-setting. Just because I can. Maybe if it passes muster I’ll put it on the REIGN wiki so people can mock it. Still: “Everyone within 20 paces tastes the last thing the caster had in his mouth.” I thought it was kinda clever.


  2. Reading: Just finished Glen Cook’s “Passage at Arms”, which was awesome, and cracked open Paul McAuley’s “Gardens of the Sun”, which so far is less awesome, but still OK. I liked “The Quiet War”, so I’ll give it a chance.

    Planning: Mutants, and also social life.

    Writing: Precious little. I should get cracking on another fellowship, I suppose.

    Hope you and Janaki are having a good weekend!

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