The Forgotten Realms ala Burning Wheel

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The set-up:

Aaron e-mailed us and asked if we’d be up for a Sunday game. We both were and after some talk of resurrecting an old campaign setting, we went with the Forgotten Realms, specifically, Waterdeep, the City of Splendor.

Turns out, both Aaron and Pete are pretty knowledgeable Forgotten Realms geeks.

The magic:

Is it feasible to throw in Summoning, Enchanting and Necromancy with the Character Burner magics (human spell list, orc blood magic, elven spell songs, dwarven crafty stuff) or is that asking for a big ole hot mess?

I’m just thinking about the upcoming Waterdeep game and I do love me some summoning…

The Beholder Crime Lord:

There has not been a thieves’ guild in Waterdeep since the Shadow Thieves were driven out of the city years ago. But something stirs in the sewers, an eye tyrant, a beast from the Underdark that has made its home under the City of Splendor. Xanathar is not leading his crew like a thieves’ guild would normally operate thus they are slipping under the radar of the authorities, slowly building up their power among the criminal underworld.

The night of gaming:

The game took a while to get moving. I was a touch antsy, as hours went by and I didn’t feel like I had really touched on or pushed on anyone’s beliefs. The game was turning really investigative and every detail I added felt like another red herring.

Aaron’s elf, Celedon, had the following belief, the first belief of the campaign to get banged on hard:

Faranel’s crime was one of youth but the Thayan deserved to die; I will see her exonerated.

Forgive me as I describe a bunch of stuff, getting to that moment.

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2 thoughts on “The Forgotten Realms ala Burning Wheel

  1. This sounds just awesome! I was getting ready to run a “Gentlemen Bastards” campaign along the same lines using BW but we never really got the game off the ground due to scheduling conflicts. I still have hopes to someday revive it though.

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