Spice & Mirt the Moneylender

From this thread on the Candlekeep Forums:

If the Realms were a stew, those NPC’s would be a valuable spice, a spice that even makes the Realms Stew taste like the Realms but I wouldn’t want to drown them in it.

The meat of that stew is the players’ decisions, their adventures and the effects this has on the Realms. But I like a bit of spice and I like my Realms to taste like Realms and part of that comes from the big named NPC’s.

Why does no one talk about Mirt the Moneylender when they talk about iconic Realms NPC’s. He’s my favorite. And yes, yes, I burned him up:

Name: Mirt the Moneylender

Concept/Bio: Mercenary captain turned Moneylender, a Masked Lord, a Harper and a good man. Also known as Mirt the Merciless and The Old Wolf.

Lifepaths: City Born, Lead to Outcast, Smuggler, Freebooter, Freebooter, Lead to Professional Soldier, Captain, Lead to City Dweller, Moneylender

Age : 41
Stats: Wi: B4, Pe: B5, Po: B3, Fo: B3, Ag: B5, Sp: B4, Speed Mult.: x3.5
Attributes: Ref: B4, Ste: B3, Hes: 6, Hea: B3, MW: B9, Circles: B2, Resources: B0
PTGS: Su: B2 Li: B4 Mi: B6 Se: B7 Tr: B8 Mo: B9


  • The Lords are masked but it behooves me to find out their identities.
  • My little girl will live a life of peace and love but will be prepared for adventure and violence.
  • Waterdeep is the finest place in all the worlds and I will keep it safe at any price, offering evil no mercy.


  • Always appear a drunkard and a buffoon in public.
  • Never disclose my lordship.
  • Always offer loans at a reasonable rate

Traits: [Char] Paranoid, [Dt] Cold Blooded, [Char] Merciless, [C-O] Savvy, [C-O] Penny-Wise, [C-O] Fleet of Foot, [C-O] Street Smart

Skills: Accounting B2, Appraisal B3, Army-Wise B2, Command B2, Crossbow B2, Currency-Wise B2, Falsehood B3, Field Dressing B2, Haggling B2, Harper-wise B2, Inconspicuous B4, Intimidation B3, Knives B4, Law-Wise B2, Loot-Wise B2, North Sword Coast-wise B2, Oratory B3, Persuasion B2, Stealthy B4, Strategy B2, Sword B3, War-Wise B2, Waterdeep-wise B3

Affiliations: Masked Lord 2D, Harpers 1D, Moneylenders Guild 1D, Mercenaries 1D

Reputations: Merciless 2D, Fat, Drunken Buffoon 1D

Relationships: Adopted daughter. Peirgeiron the PaladinsonHigh Lord of Waterdeep,

Gear: Travel Gear, Shoes, Clothes, Standard Arms, Lord’s Mask

Property: Manor / Office
Bare Fisted I:B2 M:B3 S:B4 Add 2 VA – Fast Shortest

Knife I:B2 M:B3 S:B4 Add 1 VA – Shortest

Small Sword I:B3 M:B5 S:B13 Add 2 VA – Short

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