Post-Waterdeep Friday

Reading: Looking over some old 1e Forgotten Realms modules and still reading the Warhammer novel.

Planning: Dexcon this weekend, looking forward to it.

Writing: I am way off my game, haven’t carved the time and place to write since moving.

And you?

“That is how we do things in Waterdeep,” a thread about last night’s game.

3 thoughts on “Post-Waterdeep Friday

  1. Reading: Exalted: the Fair Folk in an effort to improve my Borgstromancy skills. REIGN for fun. And a dust-dry treatise on program management for school. /snore

    Planning: Exalted this afternoon. Woot! Yet after repeated BW exposure, Exalted’s warts are all the more evident. I have really come to appreciate having firm mechanical support for all the myriad things players dream up. Social combat, I’m lookin’ at you.

    Writing: Nuthin’ really. But I made a droring! And found some fun Photoshop brushes. CS5’s support for digital painting is a delight.

  2. Reading: Paolo Baciagalupi’s totally awesome novel The Windup Girl. Assorted short fiction up for a Hugo. Reading this all electronically.

    Planning: Catching up on stuff I didn’t do because I was either a) at DexCon, b) doing physical therapy (still doing it, but I have the rhythm now), or c) panting in the 99+ degree heat that made my friggin’ eyelashes sweat.

    Writing: My zine for Alarums & Excursions, game moves in the pbem, game write ups.

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