In which I invite my friends to skeeve me out by playing giant spiders.

From this BW AP thread:

So, I asked two old and dear friends, Witt and Rob, if they wanted to game off of the books, taking pre-made BW characters and adding our own beliefs. I sent a few ideas and we decided to go with giant spiders taking over the world.

Once we had that concept, I asked if it was cool if we set it in the Forgotten Realms, as that would give us awesome maps to play with and I have been reading a bunch about the Realms lately. Them being invested in the realms wasn’t quite as important, as they would be seeking to turn the setting into a food pen for giant spiders.

I sent them an e-mail about the spiders’ view of the Realms:

These plane’s meats are generally ruled by weavers of the wyrd. Their history is that of wyrd weavers grasping beyond their reach and through arcane abuses, bringing down their own civilization into dust. Descendants build upon this dust, only to make the same mistakes. Before this era of wyrd-rule the dragons ruled, now they are endangered, bickering, consumed with greed for useless minerals.

In the undernest, some cursed meats worship a bastard daughter of the Matron Mother, an egg that should have never hatched. It crawled into the hells and now proclaims itself worthy of temples.

Their wyrds are not to be underestimated. Those with the Gift can summon beings from other planes, mostly spirits but in rare cases, deities.

Their metal tools are to be expected, out of which they build themselves mineral claws, teeth and armor, some are wyrded.

This world has an epidemic of death-cheats, so much that cults have formed to deities dedicated to thwarting their own natural order.

We have taken an isolated island, ruled by a group whose long life-span means they are known for not making contact with their neighbors. The Handmaidens believe we have several winters before our presence is a known fact, rather than the vague rumor it will soon become.

Your Matron asks that you land on the nearest shore and look at their above-ground nests. Assess their defenses and if possible, web any meats whose understanding might be of value. They will see us as monsters, a class of peoples in their society without any rights and have an entire caste of folk who seek glory through the destruction of what they consider monsters.

We are spreading the Matron Mother’s web over this world and do as we always have done; we will feed.

7 thoughts on “In which I invite my friends to skeeve me out by playing giant spiders.

  1. Wish I could have stayed and watched more of this, although Macao was a lot of fun too.

    It was awesome meeting you and Witt (and seeing Rob and so many others again) this weekend.

  2. It was fucking gorgeous. I spent a Deeds to make myself Caretaker of the Book (a grand wizard’s spellbook we stole). I stood up to one of the Grand Matron’s direct handmaidens.

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