One Burning D&Dism a week.

We already burned up the Beholder Crimelord

, the Gnolls

and this week is Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun (along with the rough idea for a trait called the Elminster Dick Move Contingency Evasion Spell).

I reckon I will, with the help of Aaron, Pete and the BW forum crew, burn up one Forgotten Realms toy a week.  Sometimes it will be something that will be in the mix of the very next adventure.  Sometimes it’ll just be something I want in my hip pocket for later.

I am scared to make Klauth aka Old Snarl aka the Great Wyrm of the North:

Realms Dragons are just too damned powerful.  They are the Dragon out of the Monster Burner only worse and having seen players fight that Dragon, that scares ten kindsa shit out of me.  Burning him up is going to be an interesting exercise.  Yeah, he’s on the list of things to burn up, along with Obould and Elminster.

At some point I will post up Mirt the Moneylender and Peirgeiron Paladinson, who I burned up easily thanks to the Online Character Burner.  If anyone is really geeked out to see stuff, drop me a line and I can share the Harper’s Tome with ya, which is the google doc where I keep my NPC’s and game notes.

6 thoughts on “One Burning D&Dism a week.

  1. Awesome stuff! Odie and I have been talking about going through the Monster Manual and burning up some iconic D&D critters – purple worms and the like – and your sterling example is quite the spur. P’raps we’ll offer something up on BWHQ soon. See you there!


    • Thanks. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

      I like doing this, not only for making cool shit to use in game but it is also really helping my fluency with BW.

  2. Ancient FR dragons look like creatures from Chaosium CoC bestiary. 😉

    They are too powerful, but we will give them gazillion HP’s so that the players or GM’s have a illussion that they can be dealt with (D&D, axe in the head style). And sadly this is the only way you deal with shit in D&D – you hack at it until it goes away.

    Keep in mind that BW supports multitude of ways of dealing with larger than life threats. And I do not talk about outscripting the dragon in fight and hoping for the best when you roll the dice.

    Seems like the issue of either stripping the great wyrm of the north of it’s power, or getting enough power, influence, resources and magic to “convince”nations that he’s a threat that has to be dealt with (old fashion D&D way, but with siege weapons and shit).

    I bet here is at least dozen other ways to get him out of there and make him someone else problem 😉

    But as you know this has to happen in play.

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