Not at Gen Con Friday

Like so many, I am suffering from Gen Con envy.  But on the bright side, I get to celebrate with friends at two weddings in the next two days.

Reading: I am on the last hundred pages or so of the Shadow Prowler, which is, like so many books I have read this summer, so bad that its almost good.  We’ll see.  I’ll definitely write up a review and post it here.

Planning: Lots of little things to get done before Saturday morning.  I’m kicking the weekend off with some GF waffles at Waffle Frolic with Christine.  That’ll be nice.

Writing: Man, nothin’ at all.  Pathetic lately.

And you?

2 thoughts on “Not at Gen Con Friday

  1. Reading: Blossoms are Falling, again. Not only is among the gamebooks I read for pleasure (M:tA’s Book of Worlds and Exalted: Sidereals rounding out the top 3) but a friend of mine was describing a “Demon Emperor” BaF game idea, and I so want to play a 4-LP Fallen Bushi in that. Total Heian-era trainwreck, with the Drunk trait for good measure.

    Planning: At the rate things are going, I’m planning on planning, maybe in a couple weeks. Metaplanning?

    Writing: Picking away at the novel, writing LPs for the characters therein as character-building, or maybe just tomfoolery. Interludes for an Exalted voip game, and the most fun I have with those is kicking dirt on named NPCs. “It seems your Prince is more of a queen.” /laffs

  2. Reading: Hellcats and Hockeysticks, which I picked up at GenCon.

    Planning: Going to the hospital to visit my mother and see if I can get enough information to figure out whether it really is time for my brother and I to make tricky calls (albeit ones we’ve given a lot of thought to over the last year), given I’ve been getting conflicting information. Oh yeah, getting some sleep. (And much thanks to the folks in my Friday game for not only being so understanding about the constant ducking out of the room to take phone calls from brother and doctor, but also giving me the SHORT one sentence summary when I came back in. “We’re talking to the actress in her dressing room” — lovely! All I need to know.)

    Writing: Notes on GenCon, notes on hospital situation.

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