Grab a campaign…I can’t stop.

Inspired by reading the Adventure Burner, over at the BW forum, Noofy started a thread called Grab a campaign. I can’t stop. At some point, I will have to cook up a blog post about being on the development team for the adbu. It was a real honor to get my name on the creative team behind the final core BW book, a great experience.

Here are the first bits of my campaign ideas from that thread, with the Beliefs and Things to make up to be found in the links to each post.

Roden Stock
Albino Spirit-Binder, Roden Cultist, Roden Adventurer, Roden Thief

Beneath the finest city in the world

Situation: You live in the warrens beneath or in the fields outside the walls of the greatest city ever built but roden are considered scum and vermin, hunted like monsters.

Human Stock
Knight, Brash Young Sorceress, Idealistic Young Priest, Peasant Hunter

Stuck between 3 heirs and a hard place

Situation: You are members of a landed knight’s household in a dukedom where your liege lord has died and his sons and daughters have begun to feud over succession. The feud is about to turn bloody. To whom do you swear allegiance?

Dwarven stock
Dwarven Adventurer, Young Axe-Bearer, Dwarven Rune Caster, Dwarven Tinkerer

Dragon Heist

Situation: You have a map to the dragon’s hoard, drawn by Karik the Burned before he died of infection.

Troll stock
Young Bridge Troll, Legion Battle-Troll, Horrible Monstrous Troll-Mother, Charmingly Oafish Bull Troll

The Summoned

Situation: You can hear the orc calling you in the night, summoning you with the power of hatred, blood and fire. And you can’t resist. The summons will take you through the lands of delicious knights, dangerous elven forests and treacherous dwarven mountains but once you heed the call, you will once again be free.

Orc Stock
Goblin Nightseeker, Orc Warrior, Orc Sorcerer, Orc Head-Taker

Plague of Heroes
Idea ripped off from my buddy, Robert.

Situation: The Lord of Fire and Fury sent his unholy avatar to the orc and they gathered under a trio of Great Ones, a Troll Warlord, a brutal Great Wolf and a Handmaiden. Then the elves came, the Song of Burning Bright making them light up like stars on the plains. Now they are all dead or hacked into submission by elf swords.

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