The Lord’s Alliance

AP thread on the BW forum:

I got excited after the past game and sent out the following e-mail:

Thursday, Waterdeep, 9 o’clock.

The closest portal to Waterdeep can be found in Upstate, N.Y.

Also in attendance:

High Lord Peirgeiron the Paladinson

Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun

Lord Nasher, Lord of Neverwinter, leader of the Neverwinter Nine

Alustriel, High Lady of Silverymoon

King Harboom, Warden of the Delzoun, Lord of Citadel Adbar, King of the Northern Forge-Mark

Lord Elastul Raurym Marchion, Warden of the Sparkling Stones Hall, Captain of the 64

Duchess Jenn Rose, Lady of Daggerford

Grand Duchess Lilia Jannath, Grand Duchess of Baldur’s Gate, Wizard of the Bronze Tower

Grand Duke Etan, Duchess of Baldur’s Gate, Commander of the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company

Talking Points:

  • Felbar Keep
  • Luskan’s naval feud with Ruathym
  • Ruathym’s possible induction into the Lord’a Alliance
  • Zhentarim influence along the Sword Coast
  • The Dragon Cart
  • ?The Burning Wheel? (does Peirgeiron know its even in Waterdeep?)
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