Accounting and Axe-play

AP thread on BW forum:

Luskan is a city filled with pirates, ruled by wizards, that is feuding with a nearby island of vikings. Where the hell is that Forgotten Realms novel, dammit?

In the background of other games, it was mentioned that Peirgeiron the Paladinson went to deal with the feud between Luskan and Rhuathym. As a precaution, he asked if he could take the War Wizard in Auric’s advenuring party. Turned out, Peirgeiron uncovered that Luskan was in talks with the Zhentarim. He had the War Wizard burn Luskan’s ships into the sea with White Fire.

I had no idea the game was heading to Luskan. I just thought burning the bay of Luskan with White Fire was some cool shit to happen in the background. It wasn’t until tonight that I had to reason out from an NPC’s point of view all of he problems this brutal gesture created.

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