Reading the Apocalypse

I got Parable of the Sower at the library today, Canticle for Lebowitz is on the table next to my bed.  The Road and Oryx and Crake are on their way to me via library roads.

Yeah, this is what happens when I read a game I want to play.  The reading begins.

I have been bitten hard by the Apocalypse World bug.  While we wait for a chance to play, Jim and Pete share my mania.

In the meantime there’s the books, Bret’s AP threads (Longneck & Careless Whisper) and there’s the vomiting apocalyptica thread.

And there’s me, looking at seven days a week and not enough time for another game, dammit and enjoying the games I am playing, dammit.

9 thoughts on “Reading the Apocalypse

  1. That’s wonderful. I did very similar reading just recently.

    I like The Road very much. I’d also recommend J. G. Ballard’s The Drowned World, if you like weird apocalypses. My other touchstone was The Day Of The Triffids, but that’s very British.

    I must read Oryx and Crake. I’ve just finished The Handmaid’s Tale and it was beautiful.

    • Thanks, Graham. They’ve got that book at the library where I work. I’m scampering into the stacks to get it now.

  2. As a frothing mad fan of In A Wicked Age, I can’t seem to get over how raw Apocalypse World is.

    I feel like my gaming organs are out on display.

      • It has a lighter tone, more “Gamma World” tone than the other titles mentioned, but I was impressed and it led me to read more Lethem. It’s not undiluted goofiness; more of the suspicious, bitter goofiness of PKD.

        Oh, and I also give the thumbs up to Butler.

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