Yeah, another indie RPG geek playing Apocalypse World.

From this thread:

I wasn’t sure where to start the damned game.  There’s no Hardholder, dammit!  They didn’t make a town for me.  Bastards.

Dent, big bastard in dirty carhart overalls and a dented helicopter helmet with a sledge-hammer on his back, is nervous.  They got their payday from Millions for delivering his wayward daughter to her execution but had to piss off Dog head to do it.  He wants to know where Dog head might strike back.  He reads a sitch, sitting around town, watching its ebb and flow.

There’s a spy in Millions’ hold and its his favorite son, Look.  Once Look has info on where they’re going, he’ll send it to Dog head and there will be a nasty ambush.


When you are in a biker gang and your name is Shit-head, it could mean you are just filthy or it could mean that you are the omega and everyone kicks you for fun.  Shit-head is the latter.

Moves are nothing new just like bangs were nothing new when Sorcerer put words to them.  But having the techniques spelled out, explicit, having them be part of an arsenal with names on a list is valuable.  Yeah, I have done this shit before but making me think about these named moves in such a manner sharpens up my game.

More on this as I digest.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, another indie RPG geek playing Apocalypse World.

  1. I found one place that tripped up the players was ‘Read a Person’. The way it’s supposed to interact with a conversation isn’t immediately obvious, but will hopefully get smoother.

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