“No baby is pretty upon birthing.” – Prince Auric, discussing the city of Luskan

From this thread on the BW forums:

Aaron latches on to a belief about finding a lost elven treasure under the city. He had circled up these elves who were dedicated to uncovering the lost elven foundations under Luskan, where once the elven court for the Sword Coast, the elven prince was seated. This was once an elven citadel and now its a pirate port ruled by a trio of wizards.

I mention that the citadel has fallen into a fault-line and now is sideways in the earth (like that hotel in Lost Boys) just outside of what is now Luskan. I am stalling. I have no fucking ideas. I am looking at their beliefs and I have no fucking idea. Seriously.

Long story short…the rescue mission is a fucking disaster, a total fucking disaster. They fail. In the end, they give the Zhents the elven crown in order to ransom Gwyon back.

Aaron is pissed. Celedon is fucking bereft. Lots of rolls were failed.

Celedon to Gwyon’s friends: “Burn the ship into the bay.”

Gwyon’s friends: “My Lord…we can’t. We are out-manned.”

But the really interesting moments for me were those in which Aaron was pissed, pulling at every fictional string on the table, trying to figure out a way to deal with these kidnapping, hostage-taking bastards. The Zhentarim have been established as amoral fucks and worthy antagonists.

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