Friday brought autumn’s first winds.

Reading: My post-apoc tour continues with Who Fears Death, which is really interesting.  It is a brutal coming-of-age story with rape and female circumcision dealt with in the first hundred pages.  The latter topic made me queasy, causing me to put the book down for a while and just walk away.

Some Jack Vance is en route to me.  After this, I’ll tackle some Tales of the Dying Earth and the first two books of the Demon Princes.  I read Dragon Masters a year ago and enjoyed it, looking forward to catching up on more of his stuff.

Planning: Off to help the lady-friend move.  Very exciting.

Writing: I have been on and off with the 750 words a day but what I’m writing is taking shape, which is nice.

And you?

2 thoughts on “Friday brought autumn’s first winds.

  1. I had ‘Who Fears Death’ on hold at the library. Not sure if I’ll read it now or not. There are some bad things that I 1) know are out there, 2) feel are wrong and should be stopped, 3) don’t want to read about in further detail, even fictionally. Female circumcision is one of those things. Queasy indeed.

    Reading:‘The Black Corridor’ by Michael Moorcock, about a man on a lonely five year watch on an interstellar spaceship.

    Trying to get into the first trade paperback of ‘Hellblazer’, but the art is not grabbing me. Not sure if the good story is enough to prop it up or not. Will persist for a bit and see how it goes.

    Planning:Getting the garden ready for winter – planting clover or beans, moving kale to main beds. Making birthday cards with my daughter for a couple of family members. Domestic.

    Apocalypse World on Sunday – I think this is maybe our 4th session. We’re finally getting to the point where we succeed about as often as we fail, and things are beginning to really happen.

    Writing: Just the usual pseudo-poetic shorthand in the margins of my sketchbook. Doing a drawing a day right now, mostly playing with my new brush pen and laying down some watercolors. Intro to Painting class coming up at the end of the month – hoping it’ll kick start things.

  2. Reading: I finished Solar System and note that it does not, in any way, make 1st Quest obsolete. (peers through the Internet to see if 1st Quest is going to be out any time soon, and gets a cloudy crystal ball image) Currently reading Alarums & Excursions #420.

    Planning: Supposedly, I’m taking it easy, as my mother passed away Sunday, and we had the funeral Wednesday, with a shiva period of about two hours, given Rosh Hashonah. But, I want to prep for court on Wednesday, where we ask the referee for our mother’s guardianship, “Er, now what? We were to be her guardians, but the paperwork is still in progress.” I’m also trying not to throttle UPS to get a package. I get that I missed delivery. I get that they don’t deliver on weekends. I don’t get “We can’t skip Monday even though you know you won’t be home then” and I am Not Pleased that I had to pull teeth to get to a supervisor to arrange a call back to get a fucking note saying “Try to deliver before 10:30 am” on the package, given no one is in any way promising that the package will actually be delivered before 10:30 am. I am trying to shred and sort papers to clean up the apartment a bit.

    Writing: My zine for Alarums & Excursions #421. Email for pbem. To do lists. I think that covers it.

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