Mapping the apocalypse.

From the AW forum:

I took a map of upstate New York and marked up Duchess County with red and black sharpie markers.  I X’ed out all of the bridges into the cities.  If you want in to NYC, you have to crawl down the western roads or make a deal with the cannibals who control the tunnels.

I labeled New Jersey as Cannibal Country (partly an homage to a post-apoc PTA game from a few years ago and partly because I grew up in New Jersey).

At the base of the Hudson I wrote, “Squid up through Kip-town,” because I read that the Hudson is brackish right up to that point and I also saw a youtube video about these fucking squid on the west coast and liked the idea of them having made it this far east and up the Hudson.

Stuck Pole on the eastern side of the Hudson, coming out of the city, put Dog head’s ‘hold, Coop, in Yonkers.  The other ‘holds are bridges, leading up to Kip-town, the self-proclaimed capital of the region.

On a piece of paper I wrote the following words:

Unfinished Business

And asked questions, handing out one off the list to each of them.

Turns out Bullit has a rival, one of Saffron’s customers named Toyota.  He drives a rusted out Toyota truck that he piles his nine kids into the bed, giving them weapons.

Baby’s lover is one of Saffron’s girls, Newton.  Newton wants her to buy out her contract so she can leave Bear and travel around with Baby’s gang on the back of her bike.

Marsh has unfinished business, having been mugged last time he was in town by a guy who had pretended to be his buddy and gotten drinks with him.

Dent had a friend, another faceless named Stomp, with a mask made from car-seat leather and tremendous boots that give him his name.

And the whole game drove on from those four bits, those questions the players answered.

2 thoughts on “Mapping the apocalypse.

  1. Awesome stuff, Judd.

    Our Wednesday game is taking place in a flooded NY metro area, where Manhattan proper is mostly under water and the characters’ hardhold is up on a peninsula that was the plateau behind hoboken.

    • Nice. We will have to compare post apocalyptic visions of NYC. Oddly, I drove right by the area where last week’s game took place.

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