In which a beloved player-character retires…

From this BW AP:

The king asked to meet Celedon in the library, where his book, chronicling all he has seen on the Sword Coast, on a lectern.

“Celedon, I have read your book and I can fathom your intentions here. You seek to have my daughter crowned Etharch of the Sword Coast. You would have me send an elven host to guard her and send them to help your friend, Auric. The Burning Wheel is not only an artifact of great power but a prophecy, a sign of fire and blood to come.

“If you wish to ask that of me, you may do so tomorrow, in front of the court but not now. For now, allow me to put down my crown and only be my daughter’s father, concerned for the elf she married. I would offer my daughter’s husband a job in my court.

“Waterdeep is indeed a city of splendors but there are other cities…cities of doors, cities of brass, places where I need an emissary. I would ask you to travel to these far-away lands and use your skills for all of Evermeet. There is a grove of portals just outside and I would ask you to traverse these portals in my name.

“There was an etharch of the Sword Coast on Ilfarne. I was a ward there as a boy, taught how to use a sword there when a citadel still stood. You would ask me to put my daughter in that same danger…to make her a target for all of your enemies…the Zhents…the Thayans, they would all seek her harm. You are setting her up for tragedy.

“I only ask that you stay and use what you have learned on the Sword Coast and think not only of the young species in the north but of your wife’s safety and the safety of your child.”

Yeah, I dropped a bomb, I let Celedon know that he would have a child soon. The king knows everything on Evermeet.

2 thoughts on “In which a beloved player-character retires…

    • Thanks, I’m flattered that you find it so.

      It is really nice to see Celedon come to a nice rest point. He deserves it. Also funny because I hit Aaron with some of the toughest decisions of any player in any game I have ever run. A few of Celedon’s choices were real punches to the sternum but he came out of it well, just a bit more interesting.

      Good times.

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