Our game enters the final arc of its first book

Exit the Sage, Enter the War Wizard:

It felt like the first part of Chapter 3, the Seige of Felbar. It was a promising start and it felt like a very different game without Celedon. With Aaron playing an established member of the Deep Six, the game suddenly feels entirely different and in a cool way. It is nice to see the adventuring company in action and watch Aaron and Pete get a feel for Arkadian and Auric’s rhythm.

Links to our other BWFR threads after the cut.

Chapter 1: Masked Lords and Lost Treasures:

1) Taking the Burning Wheel to Waterdeep

In which characters are burned and the Forgotten Realms are perused.

1a) CaBu + Summoning = a hot mess?

In which the use of different Burning Wheel magic systems is discussed.

1b) Xanathar, Beholder Crime Lord

In which the beholder crime lord is burned up using the Monster Burner’s methods.

2) One night in the City of Splendors

In which the first game is played and one belief in particular is challenged.

3) “This is how we do things in Waterdeep.” – The Hanged Prince

In which an elven lady is sent to spy on the Zhentarim and the Deep 6 kick down some doors and kick some ass.

4) The Fall of the Shadow Thieves

In which the assassins are captured and an Iron Rose is forged.

4a)  Gnolls, heyena men who worship a demon-god of murder and blood

In which gnolls are burned up using the Monster Burner’s methods.

5) “Khelben Blackstaff can kiss my hairy, dwarven ass.” – Prince Auric

In which the Mere of Dead Men is traversed and a burning artifact of great power is claimed by the Deep Six’s leader.

5a) Burning up – Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun

In which the Blackstaff is burned up using the Monster Burner’s methods.

6) Slaying Gnolls in the Mere of Dead Men

In which gnolls are slaughtered by the bushel, a Red Wizard is killed, a dwarf is choked and an elf is scarred.

Chapter 2: The Burning Wheel

7) Covered in Filth in Undermountain

In which there is a fine delving into the Undermountain, straight through to dread Skullport.

8) The Lord’s Alliance

In which the Lords and Ladies of the Sword Coast meet to discuss the going’s on in the North.

9) Balanced Books and a Beheaded Orc in Luskan

In which, as the title suggests, the accounting books of Luskan are balanced by deft elven hands and an orc head is removed from its body by deft dwarven hands.

10) “No baby is pretty upon birthing.” – Prince Auric, discussing the city of Luskan

In which demons are not dealt with, a Manticore is dealt with and a hostage negotiation with the Zhents turns bloody and expensive.

11) Celebrating Celedon, Sage of Waterdeep

In which Celedon elects to serve the noble court of Evermeet.

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