AW AP by Technique

I have a really hard time writing about AW, especially the complicated nights like last night.  I should stick to best practices, talking about one technique or mechanic that effected play but something in my head makes me want to convey the whole damned game.

So, here are two new AP threads, with more to come, AP threads that break play of the game down into MC Moves and Principles, use of them and how they worked in play.

AP by Move – Inflict Harm

2) Bullet is following this Nissan and the trunk opens up.  You realize right then that the trunk was rigged so it could be opened from the inside. Kneeling in there is a kid with an uzi on some kind of jury-rigged tripod.  He blazes on your windshield.  3 harm and make a harm move.

He rolled a 7-9 on the Harm Move, so he lost track of the Nissan.

I have trouble bringing this one out.  I admit it, I totally feel guilty bringing out damage without some kind of a die roll.  Example #2 was only after a die roll was failed.

AP by Principle – Ask provocative questions and build on the answers

Ask provocative questions and build on the answers is the principle that pulls out more story per square word than any other technique in the book, to my mind.  There has never been an answer that hasn’t ended up being featured in a future moment in the game.  Sometimes (#4), I had the answer linked to a custom move.  Other times it just feeds into the game’s atmosphere.

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