The king is shot. Long live the queen of Kip-town.

I wrote an AP thread but it sucks.  Ah, don’t read it.  Just read this.

Everyone ends up sitting down with the Kipsie for breakfast.  He is the bastard in charge of Kip-town, the one who bombed Bear and Beacon.  The one who has sent biker gangs to hunt down river folk who take people across the squid-infested Hudson.  But, that said, he puts out on a nice breakfast spread (real bacon, eggs, coffee) and he loves his elderly parents.

Baby and Marsh don’t want anything to do with the Kipsie’s nonsense.  They don’t like him and don’t want to bow down to him.

Bullet is willing to leave his daddy’s NASCAR race-car, still cherry, never driven in-game as a hostage, ruling West Point in the Kipsie’s name.

Dent reckons being under the Kipsie is fine for now but then, Dent figures he can either kill him or destroy his bridge later.  When your tool is a sledge-hammer, everything looks like something to bludgeon.

How did they get here?


They come upon West Point, having found that it is all a myth, that the soldiers here fell upon one another a long time ago in a feud after the chain of command broke down.  There is no army here.  After a fight with some smartly dressed cannibals with matching AR-15 assault rifles and clothes that looked kinda post-apoc Amish chic (“Holy shit, guys,” Marsh said over the corpose of a cannibal kid he knifed, “these cannibals, they don’t just salvage; they’re producing.”

Bullet replied, “They’re making shit!  See, these are the kinds of people I want to deal with.”).

Baby pretty much single handedly drove the cannibals off with some blazing gun-play but she got shot up something terrible, and worse yet, got the spirit of a little dead cannibal boy driven into her skull when Marsh’s psychic healing went poorly.

It was those bullets that drove Bullet to zoom her up to Kip-town to the only reliable doc on the Hudson and it was that trip that led to Bullet being in debt to the Kipsie.

And that brings us to breakfast, until the Kipsie lies and they know he is lying because I tell them.

“I don’t want to rule over you.”

He’s lying.

Bang, bang, Baby shot him dead.

Bullet and Baby both had improvements ready to roll as the session ended.  They both took hardholds.  Baby will run Kip-town and Bullet will run West Point.

And that isn’t even talking about Rubbin, the little 14 year old girl whose family Bullet killed in a brutal road-race but now he is raising her as his own.  She’s a side character but I dig her, maybe too much.

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