Last Sane Friday

Reading: I put down Who Fears Death for a bit but will pick it back up to finish the last few dozen pages. I am digging it.

I picked up Vance’s Dying Earth novels, all 4 in one book, with the Demon Princes on deck. I love how Vance’s fantastic shit doesn’t seem to be based on any recognizable myth or legend. There’s a hint of it here and there, a pixie here, a demon there but they are fairly alien and I dig that.

Tonight’s a game of AW, with the players holding hardholds on the north and south of the Hudson. Should be fun.

Planning: My praciticum starts in earnest next week. My weekday gaming has been entirely scrapped. I will be looking at double-shifts most days until December or so. A few of my games will either have to be moved to the weekend or abandoned for a few months.

Writing: Upon reading Vance, I naturally started writing about a library under a bruised sun but my young ladies who kill monsters while worshipping an owl totem-goddess is still in motion.

And you?

8 thoughts on “Last Sane Friday

  1. I’m reading John Christopher’s The Wrinkle On The Skin, a postapocalyptic novel. Interesting, but its attitudes are rather uncomfortably of its time (1960).

    Planning a Cthulhu scenario for next week.

    And writing some notes on Poison’d.

  2. Reading “Poisoning the Press”, about Anderson and Nixon. Also working on a very difficult book on Activity Theory.

    Planning much recuperative sleep.

    Writing more squad combat stuff.

  3. Reading:

    Re-reading octaNe. It’s pretty amazing to see ALL the good GM advice in this overlooked book, that is taken for granted in the indie rpg circle and still filtering it’s way into mainstream. All the stuff about “Yes, but…”, stuff like not letting locked doors end a story, getting your game on the same page, etc.


    Exercise, chores. Dimsum with friends this weekend.


    Working on Emperor’s Heart. Toying around with resolution mechanics.

    • Man, where is my copy of octaNe? Hm.

      I recall really liking its rule of 3’s.

      How’s Emperor’s Heart coming along?

      • I had gutted the whole system last year and studied my playtest notes about what did, and didn’t work… and a lot of things that worked but only sometimes.

        What I got now, I have the larger reward cycle, and I need to nail down the process for scenes and pacing and the resolution system.

  4. The Demon Princes series is interesting. I don’t like the covers on the new omnibus volumes, but the ones on the old Daw covers were perfect. For a while, I lacked volume four, and a used book dealer told me that when I found it and read the last sentence, I would laugh and laugh. He was correct.

    Reading: Passages, though I may put that down in favor of (non-gaming) fiction. Recently read Holly Black’s The White Cat, which I recommend.

    Planning: A party tomorrow, hopefully proceeded by some clean up. Making appointments with lawyers to deal with the estates of both parents now. Strowlers. The third Lullaby of Broadway larp, where I get to be Psedolos.

    Writing: Notes on Tim Wiseman’s Tatters of the King and Kevin Ross’s Our Ladies of Sorrow so I can blather about them on To do lists.

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