Apocalypse World: From West Point to Kip-town

Another AP thread:

Spent the first bit of the game filling out info on their holds.  Both have manufactories (West Point makes lumber, Kip-town – cows).  We sped up time a month and just let them ease into things.  I didn’t make any hard moves, lots of vague future badnesses and some apocalyptica vomitting but honestly, nothing heavy.

It was the two hardholders, Bullet at West Point and Baby at Kip-town and Dent, the Faceless, roaming between the two, hammer in hand.  Dent has become an unmitigated bad-ass.  Or as JJ said so aptly, “Take moves from other character types…why would I?  I have so many awesome choices with the Faceless…as soon as I get enough XP together, I will be able to TALK to my mask and ask it advice.”

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