Diaspora Cluster App

For you iPhone/iPad folks, click here for an application that graphicall represents your Diaspora star cluster.

The example cluster is Trinity, used with my blessing, which I wrote when I first got the game and got excited about it.

Trinity text under the cut:

The Trinity Cluster

3 known linked systems, Leviticus, Judges and Revelations with a fourth that is only rumored and whispered about but not found on any star-chart or cluster-map.

The Levite orthodoxy states that their high scientists have broken the code the angels of the Trinity System left behind so that mortals might build their own arks and follow them. In order to do so, the navies of the Leviticus system must marshal the resources from the Judges system and especially the rich Revelations system in order to reach Eden with the fabled faster than light travel.

The Gilead Confederacy of the Judges System does its best to thwart the Levite Navy but their space technology is not at all sufficient to do so. They occasionally score a lucky shot with their crude rockets against an Exodus class starship in the Levite Armada. These rocket successes rare and always means brutal and swift retaliation from Levite marines. Gilead soldiers are on every colony in the Judges system and they fight as best they can, often winning battles just because many Levite Navy Officers do not want to waste the resources it would take to truly fight them.

Between these space-worthy systems is the resources rich Revelations, seen in both other systems as war-mad barbarians, the Levite have begun now to take Revelationers to the Judges system and allow them to wage war with the Gilead Confederate Army, while they gather their material to fulfill their science-religion’s prophecies.

Through intercepted transmissions, the government of the Judges system knows that within the Leviticus system is planet Molech, where the the technology-rich Levites keep their own heretics cut off from the rest of the galaxy. They are desperate to get into contact with Molech heretics, almost as desperate as they are for the metal resources they need for a Slipstream-worthy space navy.



  • Fight to the Last
  • Space is Our Trinity-given Right
  • Scarred by Levite Aggression

Technology: Exploring the System
Environment: One Garden and several survival worlds
Resources: Almost viable


Judges system is only in the past fifty years able to marshal enough of their resources to travel into space. The system is a trio of fine suns, distant enough to keep half of its 12 planets survivable, two of the six are lush gardens, like green gems. Jair and Jeph have communicated peacefully for centuries now, each in opposite orbit around the trio of suns. Together, Jair and Jeph have formed what they call the Gilead Confederacy, having placed colonies on all of the planets, even the harsh and brutal climates, in an effort to find the metals they need to make finer space ships.

Judges’ most notable resource are the two slipknots in the system, allowing travel to Leviticus and Revelations to those with slipstream technology.



  • Superstitious
  • Technology is for war
  • The Angels are Cruel

Technology: Metallurgy
Environment: Survivable
Resources: Sustainable

Details: Revelations is a brutal ice-world with enigmatic technologies left behind by the cruel angels that pervade the Revelationers’ folk lore. It is said the system, made up of one dying white dwarf star, an accompanying ice world and several gas giants with hundreds of metal-rich moons, was once the colony of the fabled fourth system. Those left behind were cursed by the angels to never reach heaven. Now they are relegated to taking ancient t4 level technology and forging it into crude yet often effective weapons with which they make war upon anyone in their grasp, mostly each other.


  • Levite Orthodoxy
  • FTL is our prophesied destiny
  • Ashamed of Molech

Technology: Slip Mastery
Environment: One Garden, several survivable worlds
Resources: Sustainable

Details: Leviticus is a civilized metropolis of a system, with each of its 27 worlds colonized, one world for each letter in the Levite alphabet. The worlds are marvels, with only one planet, Molech, known to exist in open dissent from the Levite orthodoxy. Whether the Molechs were put on their planet for heresy or if the planet went renegade is lost to Leviticus history.

Sabbath is the garden world and all other worlds are survivable, though barely. To live on Sabbath is seen as a blessing, not a right. One must be working on a specific task to break the Eden Code, otherwise, the other Levites must serve their penance, doing what they can on less optimal worlds with harsher climates.

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