Greyhawk, Arch-Mage War and the World’s End

After last Sunday’s game, we’re sitting around the dining room table, talkin’ shit, a normal post-game routine for us.  Pete has his map of Greyhawk nearby, so he drops it on the table and starts talking to us about the fictional history of it all.  Pete is an awesome public speaker but Aaron and I are tired and have nothing invested in Greyhawk, having never played a game in its borders.

“This nation blah blah blah and that nation and evil monks the Brotherhood of the Red something-or-other.  Greyhawk is actually a city, a magocracy,” (my ears prick up a bit), ” until the arch-mages who ruled it got into a war.  A few left the plane, maybe going to Sigil or wherever.  So now-”

“Wait, stop the presses.  An arch-mage war?  That is the stuff.  I’d be up for playing the midst of an urban arch-mage war.  Shit, I’d want to play a wizard who wants to gain arch-mage status, wants to step up and gain something from the conflict.  I mean, this Realms game could end anywhere from 3-8+ games from now.”

Aaron get’s the scared look in his eye, the look of a player whose game will end before he’s ready for it to end.  He urges us, “Let’s not rush to find an ending to the campaign we are playing.”

“Nope, I’m on no rush but if it goes down, we could play that if Pete would run it.  That’s all I’m saying.”

And I’m not in any rush to end the Realms game at all.  I’d be more than happy with playing around with Old Snarl and the siege of Felbar and moving on to other things…maybe doing some running around along the Sea of Fallen Stars, giving the Zhentarim a run for their money.  Those seeds are certainly planted and ready in the campaign already.

It was just funny and odd how quickly I got excited by Greyhawk once Pete showed me some situation amidst his nostalgia.  At some point, I will have to write a blog post about the arch-mage/gunslinger found within the Greyhawk canon.

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