Embedded trailers and such.

Lots of folks around the gaming blog-o-sphere posted the Your Highness trailer and remarked that it was just like their campaigns.  Really?  Don’t get me wrong, my gaming is chock-full-o stupid jokes but just…I guess not quite this stupid.  I dunno.

On to Green Lantern:

They are trying to Robert-Downey-Junior up Hal Jordan and it feels like this one is going to suck.

Cowboys and Aliens is up next:

That looks like fun.

And here’s the link to the upcoming Young Justice cartoon, which looks promising.  DC’s cartoons have been a blast; I have high hopes.

And I think that is about it.  Nerdrage, opinions and general geekery are welcome in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Embedded trailers and such.

  1. YJ – hope the whole show is not going to be a sausage fest. Where’s the girls?

    C&A = lotsa fun!

    GL – The spray-on costume look really panders to that genre of photo-shopping superhero costumes on pornstars… I dunno, this Hal Jordan seem like less of a dick than the comic book one. Personally I’d gone with Kyle Rayner or John Stewart.

    YH – No matter how stupid this movie is, Natalie Portman is hot, hot, hot.

  2. My friend who has written for television and movies says that he thinks the GL trailer was deliberately going for the Iron Man vibe in the first 30 seconds to then undermine that vibe and go its own way in the rest of the trailer. I told him I wasn’t sure Hollywood is that clever.

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