Killing Cannibals and Hunting a nasty Dragon (who is also a cannibal)

In both games I am GMing right now, things are right on the cusp of really exciting sessions.

The Cannibal War

Tonight in Apocalypse World, the players are leading the Hudson Valley Compact into Cannibal Country in order to hit an incoming shipment of goods that will keep their hardholds fed until the winter.  Should be some vicious road battle for the ole Driver and just some nasty small group warfare for everyone else as they attempt to take a bridge that leads into Central Garden.


The Great Hunt

Over in the Forgotten Realms, the Great Hunt has been called on Klauth, the Great Wyrm of the North, the most vicious named dragon in all of the realms and one of the few bits we’ve taken from the 3E book rather than sticking to the gray box.  Or am I wrong and is Klauth in the gray box?  He has a spy network of critters throughout the north and gains power by eating other dragons.  What a shit.

Pete and Aaron discussed it over e-mail and indeed, the Deep Six are taking part, probably the leading adventuring group.  We e-mailed a bit about what goes into the calling of a Great Hunt and decided that seven deities are chosen to sponsor such a hunt, chosen by the noble who sponsors the calling.  The deities they choose will change the tenor of the hunt itself.  I’m curious to see which ones the players will pick.

That’s what is up at the gaming tables I frequent.

How about you?

2 thoughts on “Killing Cannibals and Hunting a nasty Dragon (who is also a cannibal)

  1. Apocalypse World just kicked off, and I’m getting closer to moving to actual Toronto (from the barren wastelands of an-hour-outside-Toronto) where I expect to run a bunch of IAWA and play many other things.

  2. In our Pathfinder game–we’re going through the Rise of the Runelords adventure path–we spent the majority of the last game session on a wedding. My character and an NPC were getting married (which is probably something the adventure path writers didn’t plan on), and the first two hours or so was taken up by the others thinking of gift ideas for the bride and groom and what happened at the bachelor party.

    And the post-wedding dragon attack.

    Meanwhile, in Dresden Files: Dublin, our heroes finally meet up together for an information sharing session. (This is one reason why I love this group–even though everyone is at the table when individual scenes are played out and everyone knows what happened, they love to roleplay the knowledge sharing scenes.) There are people arriving in Dublin and the Winter and Summer Courts are hunting them down, trying to make them either join their side or prevent them from joining the other. One of our heroes is actively being hunted; two others are recent arrivals to Dublin. Our protagonists are currently in a dream of St. James’ Hospital, where the local Wardens are hiding.

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