Post-Apocalyptic Errands, Chores and House-keeping

AW Thread:

JJ (Dent) and KK (Baby) couldn’t make it to the game, so we played without them but didn’t want to go forward with the assault on cannibal country without those two key players.

Padraic had Marsh pick up two gigs, one was surveillance and the other was infiltration.  We decided the surveillance was Millions from Pole wanting to know more about Mrs. W in Albany.  He sent Marsh up north with some barter to trade, some unmarked canned goods, known as Canned Surprises.

Captain Dale was sent to Watertown to find out if there were any military remnants.  Its a 100+ mile trek, so they hitched a ride with a squid-eater (also called Squiddee’s nowadays, thanks, Barry) and threw in some more MRE’s for the captain’s wife to make some ponchos to cover up their gear and uniforms.

Meanwhile, down south, Saffron chose some bits from her 10+ role for her custom-welcome-back-move.  For her role at 10+, she got:

– musicians in her joint, bringing in extra barter

– an affair with the leader of the local West Point lumberjacks (he reminds her of her late bouncer, killed in the first session, Shmee)

– and a gaggle of new girls from Bumfuck, Nowhere who want to work

4 thoughts on “Post-Apocalyptic Errands, Chores and House-keeping

    • Cole, I’m not sure what I am drawing from anymore. I think I’m drawing on tidbits of history and anthropology more than any post-apoc literature.

      For most of the flat-out apocalyptica, I’m just looking around and thinking about how things would deteriorate in fifty years.

      Anything in particular stand out in your mind as making you think, “Where the fuck did that come from?”?

  1. No, not particularly. I just mostly know ‘post-apocalyptic’ from the standard handful of b-movies, and, I suppose, from a couple of older RPGs.

  2. …and was looking for general suggestions since you’ve been working on it a lot. The suggestions I gave in a comment a while back (I think I mentioned Amnesia Moon) pretty much hit the bottom of my radioactive well.

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