Demons, dark gods and thinking outside the box

AP thread:

I wanted the calling of the hunt to have some traditions and some ritual to it. We e-mailed a bit about it and I suggested that the noble in charge of the hunt calls on seven deities to bless the hunt. Tonight, before the game, I sat down and wrote down the four recorded Great Hunts:

The first Great Hunt was called by an ancient God-king of Mulhulorand. Who or what he called the hunt on or how the hunt ended is lost to time and history.

600 years ago the Elven Queen called the Great Hunt upon an avatar of Orcus who walked the earth. Orcus was killed the queen’s own champion, a sword singer, the Herald of the West.

200 years ago King Azhoun III (King Azhoun IV currently reigns Cormyr) called the Great Hunt on the Dragon-god of Hullack, a green dragon, the consort of Tiamat who was attempting to become a god. The dragon was killed by the knight who founded the Purple Dragon knights of Cormyr.

50 years ago Lord Urdo of Westgate called a spiteful Great Hunt on a thief. The hunt brought out every bounty hunter on the Sea of Fallen Stars but the thief was never caught. Some say he found a portal to the legendary city of Sigil. (ya know, when I had Lord Nasher talk about the history of the Great Hunts, I forgot this one…shit).

And 20 years ago Lord Ather, the Arm of Tyr and father to Waterdeep’s own High Lord, Peirgeron Paladinson called a Great Hunt on Klauth, the Great Wyrm of the North. The hunt ended when Lord Ather himself was killed. Killing the noble who called the hunt, ends the hunt.

I listed a bunch of gods and goddesses who sent representatives and they chose 7.

  • Moradan, the dwarven highfather, the world-forger
  • Tyr, god of justice and law
  • Mystra, goddess of magic
  • Bhaal, god of murder
  • Mask, god of thieves and shadows
  • Bahamut, the father of dragons
  • Solonar Thelandira, elvish goddess of hunting and archery

They chose Solonar to honor Milja’s death.
For the duration of the hunt, each deity will provide a call-on for a skill that pertains to their realms of expertise.

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