Graz’zt vs. Klauth: Hunting a Dragon with a Demon Prince

AP Thread:

So, they made a deal with the Lord of the 45th, 46th and 47th layers of the Abyss and did it without a Duel of Wits…which maybe bummed me out but their terms were reasonable. We haven’t hit that moment where both sides dig in their heels and no further forward motion can be made in the game that always was a sign for DoW to start.


  • He won’t seek revenge against the witch who had kept him her prisoner (they were friends with the witch’s sister).
  • Before he leaves Luskan, however, he can lay with her, disguised as her lover in a local brothel.
  • He won’t harm any in the Deep 6 as long as they do not harm him.
  • He won’t seek revenge on any within the Deep 6.
  • He will continue to hunt Old Snarl until the dragon is dead as long as Arkadian Lahl is beside him.

Yeah, Auric wanted his name in that last term but Arkadian wasn’t having it and he had a belief about keeping the Hanged Prince safe until he takes back Felbar. They walked out of the tower while the Witch was out, with a Demon Prince who shifted his shape to look like a Luskan sailor with six fingers on each hand and tattoos on his arm: 45, 46, 47.

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