Hey, Friday, I remember you.

Reading: I’m breaking a long reading drought with some noir. Because the Night is an early Ellroy novel and it shows. Its not that great but its nice to break a drought with some crime fiction. Next up is Cowboy Angels, that grabbed me from the linked 3 chapter preview.

Planning: JIFFY CON!

Writing/Creating: I have a few loose ends for school, just little things and then I have to spread out some projects in front of me and prioritize. I can’t wait.

How about you?

9 thoughts on “Hey, Friday, I remember you.

  1. Reading: Nothing at the moment, sadly.

    Planning: …to finish watching season 1 of Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

    Writing/Creating: Trying to kill — I mean “finish” — Realm Guard so I can finally call it done and wipe my hands of it.

  2. Reading: “Pirates of the Levant”, the latest Perez-Reverte Captain Alatriste novel. 2011 is an excellent reading year for me so far. 3 novels in, and no disappointments yet!

    Planning: Complicated protein purification, and also lasagna. (Home-made noodles are the key. To the lasagna, not [probably] to the purification.)

    Writing: A paper the boss wants to submit to Science. (Shhh….)

    • New Alatriste novel! I need to read the last one and jump on that. It sounds great.

      Complicated protein purification?

      Whoa, man…Science…even a liberal arts fool like me knows that that’s the big time. Good luck!

      Joined a local MMA gym, Mike. Its HUGE and the coaches are pretty cool. How’s your training going?

      • We’ll see about that paper. I think she’s being over optimistic, but it’s worth a shot, right? The protein is something I need for the last few experiments.

        Training is good. I’m at a relatively small BJJ school, but it’s a solid bunch of guys, and the instructor is an excellent black belt. My jiu-jitsu’s getting better, and I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been. It feels good. Is your new gym local in NYC, or are you still in Ithaca?

  3. Reading: Just finished The Girl Who Played With Fire (in Swedish) – waiting for 1974, the first David Peace novel in his 70-80s police-corrupted Yorkshire quadrilogy.

    Planning: Nothing apart from mentally preparing to run AW after our Hot War game ends.

    Writing: 5-page Batwoman comic script.

  4. Reading: Just finished God’s War, which is a biopunk novel that is everything I wanted Shadowrun to be, but Shadowrun was too busy being twee for the 12 year olds and their incessant need for elves. Just started reading Linux for Dummies, and am thankful for a Linux book that isn’t “Hey, here’s a 26 command string of letters, we’re only going to explain 3 of them and say, ‘Isn’t it AWESOME?!?!?'”.

    Planning: Massive Bagua training tomorrow. Dimsum on Sunday. Gearing up for a fundraiser for Asian Pacific Islander Poetry.

    Writing: The game I always wanted Mage to be. Mostly unformed, and is in the “cloudy conceptual” phase of things.

  5. Reading: Between books, at the moment, having just finished Jo Walton’s amazing Among Others and Nancy Kress’s Steal Across the Sky.

    Planning: Game session tomorrow — I’m running Tatters of the King, Call of Cthulhu. Also, doing paperwork for job hunting and being administratrix for father’s estate, and soon for mother’s as well.

    Writing: Transcribing my notes on some amazing panels at Arisia. Greer Gilman has noticed that I tend to go to panels with her on them.

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