A tale of two apocalypse worlds

The Eastern Apocalypse, set in the Hudson River Valley:

Blowing up a Cannibal Bridge

Just before the attack, Bullet mused that this whole thing, the Hudson Valley Compact, shooting Kipsie in the face, taking West Point started because some asshole blew up the bridge at Bear. That act had pissed off the players to such a degree. They wondered what kind of person would do such an act.

His answer: The kind of people who consider themselves at war.

And the Western Apocalypse, set around Hoover Dam:

Death in RV and Cocktail

I really like how the Croaker’s crew is a whole lot like the Firefly crew.

The sessions we play are short but punchy. Now, after two sessions of 2+ hours each, I need to sit down and make my fronts. Should be fun.

I did make up the fronts and here’s the link. If you are playing in the game, you don’t want to look at that.

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