White Friday

Reading: I finished Cowboy Angels and found it really disappointing.  I’m on to True Grit and it has been splendid.

Planning: Heading to Dreamation on Saturday after work.

Writing: I need to finish the short story/chapter thing based on Zak’s picture of the bridge-knight confronting the troll. Felt nice to write.

How about you?

3 thoughts on “White Friday

  1. R: Not much. Still on a fiction-desire dry spell. Reading a lot of D&D stuff. Monster books, mostly, but also occasionally drifting through the Dark Sun campaign setting.

    P: Working, hanging out with the fam. I’ve settled into a Monday/Friday blog update schedule, which seems to work. I’m also working on a SQL/PHP-driven monster block generator for my website. The end result is that I can easily and quickly add/edit D&D monsters for display and printing.

    W: Blog updates. Winter exile ogre for Monday and the skullstar for maybe next Friday. I’ve been on a monsters turned up to Fiend Folio kick, so the skullstar is an arcane monstrous starfish with skulls floating above it.

    I can’t wait to read that story! I’ll draw a picture or write something based on that and we can enter an epic feedback loop.

  2. Sorry I missed you at Dreamation!

    Reading: Manuscript of The Legacy of Arrius Lurco, proofreading for errors for Miskatonic River Press. I’ve played in three out of the four parts of it. Finished reading the playtest package for the Fate edition of The Kerberos Club.

    Planning: Intercon K. We leave Thursday. Maybe writing something on fudging and railroading, as I’m finding it interesting what types of these I consider acceptable and what types I consider Right Out.

    Writing: Cover letters and resumes, pbem moves, notes on the Arrius Lurco manuscript.

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