Web Over the Moonshaes

At Dreamation we got together on Sunday morning and continued the game we began at Dexcon, in which a planar empire of giant spiders begins to take over the Forgotten Realms from their base on what used to be known as Evermeet and is now christened by the Matron’s Handmaidens, Everweb.

From the BW forums:

Arachnid Naming Conventions

We decide that spiders are named after their deeds. Until then, they are just named whatever they are.

So, Witt’s bad-ass spider started off as Wolf Hunter, then went on to Wizard-killer after she took down a wizard and then on to Conquering Wizard-hunter after she took the Moonshaes.

Finally, towards the end of the game, she became Handmaiden Dragon-heart after she molted, because bigger and was given the exalted status of Handmaiden.

Rob’s character when from Web Wyrd to Keeper of the Tome when he won a Duel of Wits with a Handmaiden (!) because he wanted to keep the wizard’s magic book that he was trying to decipher. Now I believe we called him, Dragon-heart’s Reader.

Other Cool Little Things

Lloth, Drow Goddess of the Demon-Web Pits, is referred to as the bastard-demon-mongrel or the bastard daughter of the Matron.

When Rob’s character was learning to read, it was a great shock that books do not begin in the middle, or at the outside as a web would.

6 thoughts on “Web Over the Moonshaes

  1. Brilliant! I’m such a geek for BW. My brother and I were talking about how we’ve both got such love for BW and 4e because they fill such different but equally awesome niches.

    The stories that BW produces are ridiculous. I would love to discover fantasy fiction driven by BW actual play. Though I suppose that’s a bit circular, since BW is intended to reproduce solid fantasy fiction …

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