The Friday that Would Not End

Reading: Finished True Grit last night and really enjoyed it.  I think it is going to be one of those novels that I go back and re-read every few years.  Now I am deliberating, do I read Tuchman’s A Distant Mirror the whole way through or give Barclay’s Dawnthief: Chronicles of the Raven a go?  Dawnthief looks so bad that I hope it’ll come out the other side and be good.

Read a bunch of comics this week but Avengers Academy was a real stand-out issue.  There  was a scene with Taskmaster that was downright touching.  I’ll blog about it when I have a moment.

Planning: Gaming and resume tweaking this weekend.  Also, sorting through crap to figure out clothes/stuff I need to get rid of.

Writing/Creating: Cover letters and a sequel to my Bridge-knight and Troll story.  I wrote a story based on Zak’s picture and a second part/chapter/thing is forming in my mind.

And you?

8 thoughts on “The Friday that Would Not End

  1. R: That Bridge-knight Troll story! I hope to reread it this weekend so I can get another picture back.

    P: Cleaning the house. Kids are like wards against cleanliness.

    W/C: That second picture for you! I want this feedback cycle to live up to the word epic. Some 4e monster stuff.

    • Zak, I’m thrilled that you’re working on a second picture. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

      Good luck with the cleaning and the 4e monster stuff. I dig the Winter Exile Ogre. Why can’t I see the pic when I am on the blog post but I can see it on the RSS feed?


      • Did you get my in-progress pics? I’ve done some more; I’m getting closer.

        I have no idea why you can’t see it on the blog post. What browser are you using? It shows up in Chrome, Firefox and Safari on my Mac and on my iPod.

  2. Reading: Peter and Max, by Bill Willingham. Not a graphic novel, but an illustrated novel set in the Fables world. Also, the manuscript for Miskatonic River Press.

    Planning: Dealing with lawyers for parents’ estate details. Dealing with other people, ditto. Physical therapy for minor back problems. Dropping off laundry. Dentist. Pinging nice folks from Intercon K to a) give feedback on larps and b) see how they use a larp tool called Vellum. Writing up more about Intercon, especially the emotionally intense Stars Over Atlantis.

    Writing / Creating: Blog comments today. Will do comments on manuscript, and hopefully write ups and comments on Intercon K, maybe planning about what larps to run for Intercon L.

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