2 Apocalypses and a Year of Healing

AW: Lights of Hoover:

“Pima, this is a late model, Chevrolet Interceptor.  It has a 5 point 5 liter V6 engine.  Which means it can crank out 600 horse-power.  It goes from 0 to 60 in 3 point 6 seconds.  It has steel breaks, rather than ceramic, which were popular in late model Chevrolet’s.  That means it can go from 120 to 0 in 4.7 seconds.  That generates enough force, that you’d throw up.  Its got a reinforced suspension, which means I can take corners at 72 miles an hour, 12 miles an hour faster than other muscle cars.

“Its got a carbon-poly-mimetic skin over a titanium alloy frame.  That means when impacts occur at ninety degrees to the skin, it ripples like throwing a pebble on a lake.  The front and rear fenders are designed to crumple and fall off if impacted.  The wheels are a solid carbon, rather than inflated – to resist punctures.

“And it was made by the all-mighty GM, so it’ll last us.

“So, when I’m behind the wheel, you have to follow some simple rules.  You don’t question what I’m doing and I can guarantee you as long as I am behind this wheel, I will get you in and out alive.”

AW: Just Outside the City:

The Hudson River Valley shuts down as the river freezes up and the squid-eaters hole up in their villages for the winter.  A few squiddy families have sled dogs and will run messages up and down the valley but never into the city.

BW: So passes Obould, the orc who would be king:

We’ve played with many of the other Forgotten Realms toys: Mirt the Moneylender, Khelben Blackstaff, Peirgeron Paladinson, Obould, Old Snarl, Waterdeep, Evermeet, etc. It was time to send in the Sage of Shadowdale.

Arkadian Lahl needed a tutor to learn summoning and 13 months while Auric healed. We busted out the learning new skills rules and got to have some fun moments role-playing with Elminster. Good stuff.

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