Post-Spring Forward Friday

Daylight savings always throws my sleep schedule for a loop. I held it together until yesterday when I got home from work and passed into a nap-like coma until the late evening. Ugh.

Reading: Tuchman’s A Distant Mirror is rocking my world, though my old, used copy is falling apart.

Planning: Getting resumes and cover letters together and on Saturday night, I’ll watch John Bones Jones fight for the light heavyweight title on a buddy’s shiny, new TV.

Writing/Creating: Other than cover letters, I got sucked in by Chuck’s Pulp Baby micro fic challenge and wrote up a 1000 word thing that I like. Sent it out to some friends for feedback and will look on it with fresh eyes later.

The first lines:

Where were you when King Kong fell?

That’s the question they ask us old-timers.

I know right where I was when the great ape was killed because I was born that day. I’m considered by some historians to be the last of the pulp heroes.

It isn’t baby-centered but with challenges like these I am less about winning and more about being inspired to write something that would have otherwise been dormant.

And you?

10 thoughts on “Post-Spring Forward Friday

  1. Reading: just finished Groensteen’s “A System of Comics” and now nosing around for something new. Some papers on safety engineering coming out in light of analysis of Fuskushima, though.

    Planning: tie up loose ends for move to Toronto and wrap up the Hollowpoint layout.

    Writing/Creating: Nosing around Diamondback, a Diaspora supplement for mecha. Sketching, outlining, wondering.

  2. Reading: Grant Morrison’s third Doom Patrol trade. I can’t believe I haven’t picked this series up till now.

    Planning: Some basic stuff for work, some possible travels to New Orleans, and Wondercon next month.

    Writing/Creating: I’ve had a few middle of the night/middle of the day inspired writing frenzies for my Infinity Club rpg. It’s almost ready for some internal playtesting!

  3. Reading: Nearing the end of a collection of Gene Wolfe short stories. That man can write. On deck, I’ve got the last Dortmunder novel Donald Westlake wrote before he died.

    Planning: Short-term: concert tonight, wine-tasting party tomorrow. Trying to sort out my plans for my April odyssey. (Judd – what’s your schedule like on Thursday, April 14th? That’s the day I’ll be in Ithaca…)

    Writing/Creating: Precious little, sadly. Experiments are stalled, so there’s not much to write about.

      • And SO not a weekend. Any chance you’ll stay through the weekend? Or head southwards?

      • I know, I know. Sorry about that. I will be headed south to visit Rob and Dana, and then on to Baltimore to see my sister, but I don’t think I’ll have time to come into the city. It’s going to be quite an epic.

        I’ll catch you next time, for sure!

    • I’ll be around unless job prospects happen lightning fast. If that occurs, I’ll let you know.

      If that doesn’t happen, I’m free after 4:30. Wanna hit some focus mitts or have dinner or both or what?

  4. r: China Mieville’s Kraken. Great book. Makes me want to work on one of various responses to the “modern underground supernatural” semi-genre. I think Kraken is Mieville’s response; you can tell he had a lot of fun making fun of the tropes.

    p: Finally get the study cleaned out. Since I’ve had kids it’s been the “junk room” and I’m finally shoveling crap out of there. Four plus years of strata, most of it going in the trash. I can almost reach my RPG bookshelf. Planes of Chaos and Tsojcanth are leering from between the boxes. So close!

    w: Not enough. I’m done with my volley of 7 Knights 7 Bridges and put the top two pics in my website. Judd, if you want that Anna pic, feel free to download it off my gallery. Like the others, you own it. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.

    I’m looking forward to reading that micro fic of yours. Maybe as a treat to myself, if I get this study cleaned up, I’ll try and write one, too.

  5. Reading: Just finished, in rapid succession, Kraken, Who Fears Death, and Except the Queen. Currently reading Alarums & Excursions #426. Probably going to read Seanan McGuire’s Late Eclipses next.

    Planning: Lawyer stuff for parental estates. Job hunting, Apartment cleaning. Recovering from Lunacon.

    Writing / Creating: My zine for Alarums & Excursions #426. Would like a Straightjackets Optional meeting now that we know what larps we’re doing next March so that I’ve a clearer idea of the plot threads and PCs for our third amnesia larp. I want to ride the wave of energy there.

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