Cold Spring Friday

Reading: A Distant Mirror still, though when I read a book for this long, I always get the feeling that I should be done by now.  It is great stuff and a clear influence on George R.R. Martin and Burning Wheel, two of my most favorite bits of geekery.

Planning: Heading to NYC this weekend to see the ladyfriend.

Writing/Creating: Started writing the second story about the Troll Matron Zak drew.  I really like her, a single working mom who could rip a knight’s head off with her hands.

And you?

5 thoughts on “Cold Spring Friday

  1. Reading: Life in a Medieval Village. It is really interesting and is going to help my BW campaign I think.

    Planning: My mom and bro are coming to NYC to visit this weekend!

    Writing: Right now, not much. I’ll get to Cold Soldier sometime soon I think.

  2. Reading: Just finished Matriarch, book 4 in a sci fi series – a funky eco-fascist alien society of high end tech. The ideas are interesting, the characters are neat, but the writing and pacing get worse with each book.

    Planning: Another round of Mouse Guard this weekend! And resting up from the super sick which hit me this week.

    Writing: First draft of “A Summer Across the Stars” a fluffy teenagers & aliens game. Some BW material for future use?

  3. Alright! I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Anyone who’s following this can see my responses to his first chapter here.

    R: Finishing China Mieville’s Kraken.

    P: Relaxing birthday weekend. Trying out Castle Ravenloft boardgame.

    W: I didn’t finish my Pulp Baby story in time, but I’ll try to finish it anyway. I figured I’d write what I know, so it’s a father-daughter story that starts in an ancient temple on the rings of Saturn.

  4. Reading: Finished Seanan McGuire’s Late Eclipses and Karen Lord’s Redemption in Indigo. The first is quite good; the second is the best book I’ve read this year thus far. I am nearly done with Steven Brust’s Tiassa, which is delightful.

    Planning: Currently, we are making up Kerberos-Fate PCs. Tomorrow, dance practice in Manhattan and dinner with friends, the practice for dancing next week in New Haven. Also lawyerstuff for estates, and job hunting stuff, and house cleaning stuff.

    Writing: Email mostly.

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