Eberron’s War-forged + Monster Burner + Mouseguard Chargen = Wheel-forged

People have been creating constructs in their own image for centuries, just ask the Golem. It wasn’t until recently, with MoBu City bringing together human sorcery, elven spell-songs, dwarven craftsmanship, orc blood magic, roden bomb-making, wolf spirit magic and great spider weaving in the midst of one urban sprawl that the Wheel-forged could be born.

Someone stamped a five-spoked wheel on the first Wheel-forged and from that connection to the Burning Wheel’s eternal fire, it gained beliefs, instincts and life and transcended its inanimate components.

There are only four artisans who can create Wheel-forged, though it is said that Wyrd Weavers from the Spider stock and orcish Gate Forgers are close to putting their own spin on this newfound art.

For those burning up a Wheel-forged character, you will answer the following questions and then look to the answer below that will tell you the stats, skills and trait, imbuing it with life.

Who made you?

What was your maker’s purpose in crafting you?

What is your citizenship status within MoBu City?

What fascinates you about life that is outside of your maker’s purpose?

Maker: ___________________

Purpose: ___________________ Specialty: ___________________

Citizenship: ___________________

Fascination: ___________________

Here’s the thread over at the BW forum.  Burn up a Wheel-forged and let me know how it goes.

EDIT: And the first Wheel-forged rolls off of the production line: L-C-2-4, but known to most as Elsie

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